Electronic Sales Representative of the Year – MINK

Electronic Sales Representative of the Year – MINK

Electronic Manufacturers' Rep in the Midwest

Electronic Sales Representative of the Year – MINK: MINK Associates Inc. was awarded the top honor of Representative of the year to Comchip, at this year’s EDS summit in Las Vegas.  Leaders at Comchip write:

“It is with great pleasure we award MINK Associates Inc., ‘Representative of the Year 2015’ at EDS 2016.  On behalf of everyone at Comchip Technology, thank you for a job well done, for going above and beyond in promoting Comchip, and the customers you have introduce Comchip to.  Comchip is truly blessed to have a great partner like MINK Associates and we look forward to continued success together.” Comchip Logo 2015

This is just one of the many great partnerships MINK Associates, your Electronic Sales Representatives, have forged with our Principals.  Key in that we also strive to be the leader in quality, pricing, timing, integrity, and extended coverage, and it’s no wonder that we’ve had customers and principals for years.

A special shout out to Randy Macke, Kansas City MINK rep, for help in clenching our WIN!  His dedication to MINK, it’s customers, principals and employees, is part of what makes MINK excellent!  Call Randy at (913) 341-8309 Ext. 2 or any one of our reps at Ext. 1 and let us show you why MINK! Check us out at minkassociates.com


From left to right: Comchip Estee Yeo (Region Sales Mgr), Eric Chao (CEO), Ed Farnan (MINK), Randy Macke (MINK), Elisa Chang (Global President), Harvey Miller (MINK), Peter Liu (GM), Peter Chiu (Accounts Manager).”