MINK – GEYER’S Premier Manufacturers’ Rep

MINK – GEYER’S Premier Manufacturers’ Rep. – Geyer Power Consumption’s Dramatic Decrease

Geyer – El Cajon, CA, September 2015…The advantages of power consumption is decreased by 40%.  The decrease in the conventional levels can be attributed to Geyer Electronic’s new 32kHz Quartz Crystal design for oscillator circuits. In a series of extensive test procedures, Geyer engineering determined that the 32kHz design opens a broader range of lower power applications. It also contributes to improved Start-Up performance, faster Start-Up time and Stable Operation for lower drive levels.

The firm has also announced the establishment of a “Brand New” addition to its website – the “Design & Test Center.” This “Analyzing & Simulation Tool Y-QUARTZ App.”

http://www.geyer-electronic.com/Analysing-and-Simulation-Tool-Y-QUAR.712+B-6Jkw9MQ is a functional tool that aids designers/engineers to select crystals and optimize oscillator circuits. It is complete with instructional video.  Ask MINK, The Premier Manufacturers’ Rep.

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