Agriculture & Off-Road

Located in the heart of America, the MINK territory is rich in agriculture and off road equipment manufacturers. Ranging from traditional ag equipment, to material handling trucks, to heavy construction equipment and rail, some of the largest and most recognizable brands are located here.

MINK provides customers in this space with a wide variety of products including user interface controls, wiring harnesses, electronic components, displays, sensors, power supplies, and even entire sub assemblies.

Military & Aerospace

The MINK territory is well known for OEM manufacturers and sub assembly suppliers to the commercial aviation industry. MINK Associates provides components, technical services, and complete solutions to some of the largest Military & Aerospace accounts in the US.

We concentrate on OEM product designs, as well as, sub tier system and component suppliers, offering both component and system level solutions. MINK Associates maintains nondisclosure agreements with most major aerospace customers allowing viable program design visibility & source selection.


Although the our territory may not be at the top of the list when identifying manufacturer's for consumer products, we do have some very significant brands headquartered here.

Consumer products designed here range from GPS & fitness electronics to white goods. MINK has long established relationships with the major manufacturers in this space. Products we represent include semiconductors, frequency components, passives, displays, batteries, connectors, cables, interface technologies, and complete assembles.


The MINK territory is highly concentrated with mid-tier industrial OEM's. This category probably represents the largest number of customers in the territory with a wide variety of end products including industrial automation, sensing and control, test equipment, power generation/distribution, signage, and industrial lighting.

Products promoted to customers in this space include: semiconductors, passives, relays, displays, HMI, controls, power supplies, cables, connectors, and much more.


The United States remains the largest medical device market in the world. The MINK territory has some sizable customers in this space designing a variety of end products including surgical equipment, diagnostic lab equipment, and medical records management systems.

Products promoted to customers in the medical space include: electronic components, displays, HMI, controls, power supplies, cables, connectors, and much more.