Premier Manufacturers’ Rep MINK Associates and Graham Cunningham, Product Manager at Harwin want you to know:

MINK Associates represents Harwin, a manufacturer of; high reliability and industry standard interconnects and associated PCB hardware.  Harwin’s Jumper sockets, also referred to as shunts, can be used to change the configuration of a circuit. By placing them in particular positions on a pin header, you change the configuration. As such, they provide an alternative programming method to DIP switches. Harwin offers jumper sockets as part of our M20, M22 and M50 ranges (2.54mm, 2mm and 1.27mm pitch respectively). The M20 (2.54mm pitch) options are particularly popular; of the 4.6 million pieces we have sold so far, 3.9 million of those are M20.

Besides pitch, there are various other differences between the options we offer. They are available with and without handles, in gold or tin contact finish and in several different housing colours. M20 and M50 options come with a twin beam contact system, whilst the M22 have a single beam contact. Furthermore, customers have a choice between closed and open top sockets; whilst the M20 range offers both open as well as closed top options, the M50 options are all closed top and the M22 options are all open top.

Jumper sockets are normally fitted and removed by hand. The various styles of handles make it easier to place and remove the sockets on the pin headers. All Harwin jumper sockets that come with handles are also closed top. Open top sockets actually provide a benefit over closed top sockets, of which not everyone is aware. Open top sockets provide access for a test probe. This enables engineers to test the voltage, current or other readings from the jumper sockets, such as a DC voltage or analog/digital signal. MINK Associates is located in Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and S. Illinois.  MINK works closely with Harwin to make sure your interconnects and associated PCB hardware needs are met.

There are several products in the market which are used to connect LED lighting arrays together. None of them are as simple or flexible as the new removable jumper link together with the SMT clips. The SMT clips enable fast and low cost PCB assembly (automatic pick & place) then the bar shaped jumper links are pressed into place.

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