Premier Manufacturers’ Rep St. Louis – About MINK!

1280px-Positioning_test_probes_on_to_a_microchip_-_University_of_Exeter_-_May_2012MINK Associates has been a premier manufacturers’ rep in St. Louis for over 19 years. Search manufacturers’ rep St. Louis and you will find MINK, the premier manufacturers’ rep in St. Louis, MINK is also located in Kansas City, Iowa, St. Louis and Wichita.  MINK derives its name from Missouri, Iowa, S. Illinois, Nebraska, and Kansas.  Whether you are a manufacturer looking for a manufacturers’ rep or a customer looking for a specific component or design solution, Steve Garner and Mike Sexton will handle all of your St. Louis Manufacturers’ rep needs.  Contact us at (314) 439-0465 or go to our website Steve’s and Mike’s market awareness and up-to-the-minute principal and product knowledge makes them leading reps among manufacturers’ reps.