Sales MINK – KING CORD – Distributor news!

Sales MINK – KING CORD – Distributor news!

Sales MINK – KING CORD – Distributor news!



MINK Associates is pleased to announce that King Cord has added a new distributor program in the United States.


King Cord, through MINK Associate’s distributors in the Midwest, will be able to buy standard cords in single standard box quantity. These quantities will be at the volume production pricing, with immediate shipping capability!  Box quantities range between 60 and 120 pieces, depending on the size of the cord set. These cords have a unique part number system, easily identified as standard products.

The new standard product catalog for these USA stocked cords,  will roll out soon. Watch for it!

King Cord will also offer an opportunity for MINK’s distributors to sell custom cords on a quote by quote basis.



Distributors – Join MINK Associates for this King Cord Distributor program NOW!  Call Steve Garner in St. Louis at (314) 422-5140; Chris O’Connor in KC and Nebraska @ (913) 341-8309; in Iowa call Harvey Miller @ (319) 393-0373; and for Wichita call Frank Beyer @ (316) 729-7500. Sign up today!

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