Semi Conductors- MINK sells – CML

Semi Conductors – MINK sells – CML

Semi Conductors – MINK sells – CML:  Ask MINK about the new CMX983 – Analogue Front End (AFE) IC.

Semi Conductor - MINK sells CML

CMX983 – Analogue Front End (AFE) IC. bridges the gap between a digital radio’s RF section and the DSP/FPGA.  The new 50kHz wideband mode opens up new high speed data application areas in satellite and terestrial wireless telemetry systems.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of a Software Defined Radio (SDR), the CMX983

  • performs critical DSP-intensive functions
  • provides dual-channel analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue conversion
  • includes two RF fractional-N synthesisers
  • embeds a host of auxiliary ADCs and DACs for use within the radio system.
  • is highly configurable, supporting numerous sample rates and filtering characteristics
  • connects seamlessly with CML’sCMX994 Direct Conversion Receiver and the CMX998 Cartesian Feedback Loop Transmitter

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Semi Conductors – MINK sells – CML

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